There once was a beer brewing monk who many felt was troubled...

His free spirit and enthusiasm set him apart from the other monks.  He had an energy about him, a true passion for brewing that simply bewildered his peers.

The towns folk who knew him applauded his dedication; they admired his passion and purpose. They looked and saw a man who wasn’t afraid to do his own thing.  He marched to a different drum. He Followed his own star and lived life on his terms. proving to those around him that

You Can’t Tame a Free Spirit.



The World Beer Cup, often referred to as “The Olympics of Beer Competitions,” is held every 2 years and often considered the most prestigious beer competition in the world. In the 2016 competition there were 6596 beers entered from 1907 breweries from  55 different countries.

In 2016, the Troubled Monk Brewery won a Silver Medal for the Open Road Brown Ale in the American Brown Ale Category!



The Canadian International Beer Awards (formerly known as the Calgary International Beerfest Awards) is presented by Alberta Beer Festivals and is conducted over the two days of the Calgary International Beerfest. The Canadian International Beer Awards will continue to be an annual competition that is held to the highest international standards of judging beer.
In 2016, the Troubled Monk Brewery won a Gold and Silver medal for the Open Road Brown Ale (two different categories), and a Bronze medal for the Pesky Pig Pale Ale! 


Canadian inernational beer award gold brown ale.png