At Troubled Monk we are we a very proud of our beer.

We believe that in order to make the best beer possible you need to start with the best ingredients.  This is why our core beers are built around Alberta barley.  We are surrounded by some of the best malting barley in the world.  It is grown by our friends and neighbours and then malted with exquisite care and expertise, virtually in our backyard.

As a brewer, I am on a constant quest for knowledge and experience that I can utilize to improve my craft.  Experimentation to understand the process and ingredients is a big part of that journey.  A lot of attention is paid to hops and the multitude of flavours that can be attained from the different varieties.  There is a lot of development going on with barley as well, however, this just doesn’t seem to get the same attention and so there is a lot less information out there.  With this in mind, I have endeavoured to create an experiment that will show off some of the work being done with Alberta’s barley for the brewing community.

My goal is to find out the specific impact that different varieties of barley will have on the flavour and aroma of beer. I also want to showcase some of the incredible work that is being done in our province to give us the tools to make better beer. And most importantly, I want to share the opportunity to discover and celebrate this with our customers. 

Golden Gaetz Golden Ale is the very first batch of beer that we brewed at Troubled Monk.  It is light, refreshing, and is the perfect medium to highlight the importance of the malt barley that is the heart of our beer.  We have carefully brewed three batches of Golden Gaetz so that the only thing that has changed is the variety of barley used in the malt. Please, click on the beers below to find out more about each batch.  Feel free to let us know what you think.  Can you taste the difference? What is your favourite?


Garret Haynes

Head Brewer

Troubled Monk Brewery

Golden Gaetz


This malt was also prepared by Red Shed malting.  Bentley barley was actually developed at the Lacombe Research Centre and is their first malting barley variety to be released into the market.  This means that the malt that we used for this beer was developed, tested, grown, and malted within a 50 km radius of the brewery.  This is something that makes us very excited and proud to share with you. The work of institutions like the Lacombe Research Facility and contributions from the non-profit organization, Alberta Barley, are ensuring that brewers continue to have phenomenal raw ingredients to work with.


Golden Gaetz

Copeland (85%) Synergy (15%) Blend

This beer was brewed with barley prepared by Rahr Malting in Alex, Alberta.  We have been relying on their delicious, clean, and consistent product to produce our beers from day one.  This batch represents the control of our experiment.  This is the malt that has made Golden Gaetz the popular, easy drinking beer you have come to know.  The Rahr Malting facility in Alex produces high quality malt for discerning brewers all around the world. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a great relationship with this world class company located just 40 minutes away from our brewery.  CDC Copeland was registered in 1999 and has become one of the major varieties of malting barley grown in the Canadian Prairies.

Golden Gaetz


The malt for this beer was grown in central Alberta and malted by our friends at Red Shed Malting in Penhold, AB just 16 minutes away from our brewery. Red Shed Malting is a new, small scale malting company that produces some very tasty malts that we have been excited to include in several of our seasonal beer recipes.  Their small size gives them the flexibility to produce a variety of products for craft brewers and even homebrewers.  AAC Synergy is a new variety of malting barley that was just release for trials in 2014.  There is a very good chance you will be seeing a lot more of this malt making its way into your beers.

We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the opportunity to experience the contributions of our local businesses, farmers, scientists, and friends and to understand that impact that their work has on our beer.  Please click on the links below to learn even more about these incredible people who make our job possible.